About Us

McGraw-Hill Education publishes a wide variety of educational materials from Pre-K to professional.

As a leading provider of print and online solutions to help teachers teach and students learn, McGraw-Hill Education is committed to providing educators with the tools needed to meet the requirements of groundbreaking reforms.

McGraw-Hill Education is a leading publisher of business, medical, engineering books, as well as a broad range of other subjects.

We have offices in 44 countries and publish in more than 60 languages. Our Asian headquarters is located in Singapore and we have offices in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and various other countries.

Main types of books:

  • children’s books
  • elementary to high school textbooks
  • university textbooks
  • reference books
  • trade books
  • lifetime learner books

ELT Catalog 2016

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Our Mission

As an innovator and a global leader in high-quality teaching and learning solutions, we are helping improve the world’s prospects and providing individuals vital knowledge to enable them to reach their full potential throughout their lives.

Our Values

- Innovation

We are constantly looking at new ways to improve learning and help people become more productive and efficient in rapidly changing markets.

- Success and Learning

We are focused on helping students of all ages succeed with our proven solutions.

- Customer Focus

We are committed to providing superior customer service and providing solutions to meet every teaching and learning need.

Company Profile

Trade Name McGraw-Hill Education Publicatinos Overseas L.L.C.
Business Activities
- We promote a variety of textbooks published in the US and Asia for elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and universities as well as English language teaching books, medical books, and business and finance related books.
- We also publish and promote a variety of translated books.
Office Location Shimbashi Tokyu Bldg. 3F

4-21-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku

Tokyo 105-0004

Tel 03-6895-7447
FAX 03-6895-7301
Email mhejpn@mheducation.com